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2020 CFDA Design Scholar Award Top 10  Finalist 

A conceptual collection inspired by Major Depressive Disorder  and its alarming statistics, aimed to create awareness on the importance of Mental Health.

The collection combines elements related to sustainable, ecological and biodegradable design with art concepts of Abstract Expressionism and Automatism. Representing vulnerable and raw emotions through:  the selection of materials,  textile manipulations, hand-painted fabrics and the contrast between soft and strong silhouettes.

The collection was selected as one of the top 10 finalists for the 2020 CFDA Design Scholar Award initiative for Fashion Design students nationwide, and presented to a group of renowned professionals among the industry. 

The Collection

A detailed process journal showcasing the design concept, inspirational moodboard and collection development

The Lookbook

"Focusing on the softer side of depression, the editorial proposal is inspired by raw emotions, femininity and nostalgia. All represented within white walls, bare feet in contact with the soil and melancholic expressions. Playing around with dry flowers... a reminiscence of life itself and the beauty that was once there."

Styling : Sofia Daguano | Photography : Juan Moreno Bianchi | Lighting: Alonzo Santiago  

H&MU: Katina Franco | Model: Brittan Byrd | Agency: Next Models