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Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Raquel first obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Medicine in 2010. But later on, she  realized that she had always felt divided between her curiosity about science and her passion for the arts. A difficult to ignore desire to develop a creative career continued to grow inside her until she finally decided to take the leap and re-invent herself.

Raquel launched her new path in design by pursuing an Accessory Design degree and then continued with the Fashion program at Miami International University of Art and Design. 

“Through Fashion Design, I finally found a path where contrasting experiences converge following the direction of a purposeful, socially and environmentally conscious design that allows me to give back to our society while expressing my deepest emotions.  Designing has become my ‘special place’ where the mind is continuously challenged by pushing my creative thinking forward, where research on science is required if we want to build a more sustainable system and where something as personal as my own paintings can be imprinted on a textile, allowing me to give the garment a sense of uniqueness establishing a  closer connection with the person who wears it...

I envision myself as a curious individual, that will venture into textile innovation, to create designs that will adapt to the near, and new changing future. I like to believe in the ideal of a world where humans are merged with their natural surroundings instead of taking advantage of them." - Raquel Zerbib.

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